VTG PPP Advantages

Vision Transportation Group PPP projects are structured to benefit everyone from the public, Government, Private Institutions, to the Financial institutions by allocating the risk to the party that best able to mitigate resulting in benefits for all.

Public Benefits

  • Affordable Greater Mobility
  • Faster and More Reliable Travel Times
  • Reliable and constant travel times
  • Short head ways-less waiting time
  • Millions of saved hours
  • Reduced road congestion
  • Prestigious and Appealing Technology
  • Reduced Air Pollution

Government Benefits

  • More Project for less Government money
  • Captures the natural economic resource of the passenger trips generated
  • Converts a problem into a solution (Waste To Energy)
  • Investment Opportunity with appealing dividend returns
  • Reduced Government budget operational funding
  • Direct tax returns to all levels of Government
    • Corporate tax
    • Property tax
    • Asset Tax
    • VAT
    • Import & Custom Duties
  • Shorter Time to Revenue Operation
  • Improved transportation
  • Improved safety and reduction of road accidents.
  • Improved economic efficiency of entire transit system (subway, bus, trams, trolleys, mini bus Less motor vehicles on the road Inter-modal stations and park& ride facilities
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Less Noise Pollution
  • Less Air pollution
  • Less Energy Consumed
  • New Development & investments
  • Technology Transfer
  • Construction of new commercial developments around strategically located stations
  • Balanced project risk

Private Institutions Benefits

  • Solid investment opportunity
  • Favorable investment IRR
  • Favorable payback period
  • Integrated commercial activities in line with City urban plan management
  • Cost efficiency of Investment
  • Construction of new commercial developments around strategically located stations
  • Increased passenger activities around existing commercial developments
  • Balanced project risk

Financial Institutions Benefits

  • Proven VTG’s PPP Project Finance Architecture
  • Bankability of the project financial architecture
  • Strong transportation economics
  • Positive project Cash Flow
  • Flexible credit instruments
  • Balanced project risk