25 Years of Experience

Since 1992 we have applied the full range of our one-stop­‐shop capabilities in  42 countries to more than 165 major infrastructure projects.  We take pride in delivering with our partners and clients successful projects on time and on budget.

Metro Projects

Our Metro system experience is representative of our full range of services having been involved as employer representative and advisors to Government on major metro projects, leading and managing successful EPC procurement tenders for our consortiums, to designing financial architecture applied to successfully finance the most complex Public Private Partnership systems in the transportation infrastructure industry such as the London Underground PPP.

Road, Tunnel & Bridge Projects

Our project design and financial architecture capabilities are used to develop and implement major roads and toll bridges PPP projects. We have been involved with some of the most prestigious and successful Roads & Bridges Projects in Canada and in the Russian Federation.

Airport People Movers

The fast growth of airport and port passenger traffic creates the ever growing need to integrate ground transportation to air and sea transportation providing passengers seamless integrated transportation solutions. VTG’s expertise was applied to some of the most unique and challenging airport and port people mover applications such as the Singapore Changi Airport People Mover.

Commuter & Regional Train Projects

The commuter and long distance rail transportation renaissance of the last 25 years has provided VTG the opportunity to participate in numerous freight and passenger commuter and regional train projects including the Gautrain Project in South Africa.

Bus Transportation

VTG participates in Bus projects in cities where specific public transit objectives are better achieved by the use of bus based infrastructures and technical solutions (BRT). Additionally, we provide assistance to airport operators by preparing airport bus procurements and fleet management plans using our VTG Life Cycle Costing© proprietary software.

High Speed Train

VTG has participated in numerous high speed rail feasibility studies and has contributed to the investment and implementation of successful high speed train projects such as the Makkah Medina High Speed rail Project in Saudi Arabia. VTG is actively participating in the on-going procurement of some of the largest high speed rail projects in the world.

Transportation Logistics

VTG has extensive experience developing and implementing international and domestic transportation logistics infrastructures. Our river ports, sea ports, airports, railroad, and roads investment projects are realized as part of strategic transportation logistics networks that provide effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, between their domestic points of origin and their international points of consumption.


Through our wholly owned affiliate Vision Energy Group (VEG) Limited, we have been involved in numerous power Generation Projects under Private Investment as well as public utility projects from water treatment plants, desalination plants, Waste To Energy Plants (WTE) and investments in renewable fuel production facilities.