Our Process

VTG is not affiliated nor represent any particular supplier or contractor. We design and provide  “best fit” solutions that truly meet the genuine needs of every project.

We use state-of-the-art proven technologies provided by best in class contractors guaranteeing system availability and reliability performance.

In all our infrastructure projects we develop fully integrated start to finish design solutions first and foremost geared to the Project’s ability to reach financial close (“Bankability”) through our comprehensive life cycle cost analysis.

In typical Infrastructure projects, Capital cost represents 33% and operation and maintenance cost represent 67% of the infrastructure Life Cycle Cost.

VTG achieves accurate budgetary costing and efficient system Life Cycle Cost using our unique proprietary modeling tools enabling us to deliver projects on time and on budget.

VTG proprietary modeling tools support our creative financial architecture capabilities and are recognized by world leading financial institutions for their comprehensive and accurate in-depth information.

This greatly facilitates the financial close process, as evidenced by VTG’s  financial close of more than US$35 billion of its Public Private Partnership (PPP) infrastructure projects.

Optimization of Life Cycle Cost is further refined  through adequate engineering trade-off designs, such as shorter and lighter trains contributing to less expensive guideways and shorter stations platforms, as well as from more expensive best quality equipment requiring less maintenance and operation cost.

Based on VTG’s detailed evaluation of a project, a contractual framework tailored for the project success is designed to ensure best-fit capital works execution and system operation and maintenance performance over the design life of the project.

In addition to optimizing design and engineering through our design bureau,  our purpose is to secure the necessary project structure finance in line with adequate returns for all stakeholders, including Government, Private Sector Investors and Financial Institutions.